I don't like to limit my clients so I offer a wide range of services for both the client as well as contracting my services to other designers who need help with their production.

Below is a complete list of what I can offer you to help you succeed, advance and rise above all others.

So you are ready to start selling your products or services to a broader audience and you don't know how to get started. Starting your E-Commerce company doesn't have to be a bad experience. There are several things that you will need to start selling online and I can assist you in making it happen.

Search Engine Optimization:
So you have your website, but where is it. What if I wanted to find you but I did not know your exact website address? I would use words that would be common for your business to search for your website and if you didn't show up in the top 20 search results, it is not likely that a potential client will continue to look for you specifically. I can help you to optimize your website with search engine optimization techniques that will improve your search results.

Professional Web Design:
When you hire someone to design your Internet presence, you have the power to tell your story. When someone visits your website, how are you represented, after all, this is your customer service now. That is why a positive first impression is essential to your potential clients. Your business relationship starts with the first impression.

Content Management Systems:
More and more, clients are wanting to be hands on with their website, but many people don't have the time to learn how to edit their website. A Content Management System allows my clients to have full access to edit the content on their website without the need to know any code. In fact, you won't even see any code. A Content Management System offers the client an interface that is very easy to navigate and interact with, making your website authoring experiences as easy as pie.

Website Maintenance:
So you already have a website but need someone to manage it for you? I have several options available for website maintenance. Together we can create a package that works best for you, whether that is a monthly package or if you only have occasional up-date needs, we can go on a per hour basis.

Ensures correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, overall flow, and consistency of the communication. As well as consistency in layout, design, and formatting.

All types of communication:

• business documents
• marketing materials
• communication materials
• personal ads/profiles
• letters
• academic essays
• research papers
• resumes
• websites

Other Services:
•  Intranets
•  Website Analysis
•  Website Traffic Reports
•  Content Development
•  Application Development
•  Domain Registration
•  Hosting Setup
•  Image Sourcing
•  Photography

Contact me to find out which package best suits your needs.

"Our thoughts of starting a website for the CWFL were slow in coming until we talked to Jackelyn.
She made the whole experience seem so easy & the site has everything we hoped for and then some.

When people visit our website they are stunned by the professionalism and design, Jackelyn has done a fantastic job."

- Chris Mann, Coach and Adviser of the CWFL

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